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Meet The Breeder

Brooke McKay



5 Things About Me

  • I have been training and breeding dogs since I was 14 years old.

  • I have a mustang gelding named Melvin who I love to ride any chance I can get.

  • I love to read, learn and research anything that interests me. I spend most of my down time doing this.

  • I homeschooled my 4 boys for 8 years and loved it. I only have one left homeschooling now.

  • I love to travel and plan itineraries for future trips. 


Why Breeding?

  • Watching puppies I purposefully bred and raised with my whole heart thrive in their families and bring them joy makes all the hard parts worth it.

  • I want to bring heart dogs to special families & donate pups to those in need of a service dog to help change their life for the better.

  • Bettering each generation through research and intentional selection is rewarding!


What Inspires Me

  • Watching others succeed at things they love to do.

  • Being in nature.

  • Seeing my kids or dogs learn and perform something I taught them.

  • Photography & art.

  • Watching dogs & horses work in ways they were purposefully bred for.

  • Seeing people serve others and just be kind and good humans to one another.

The Dog Breeding world can be a tough space to spend time in. Haters, bullies, sleepless nights, endless poops, large never ending vet bills and sad days when helpless sweet pups find their way back over the rainbow bridge. I am blessed to have a group of incredible family, breeder friends, understanding cat lover friends, incredible guardian homes and even strangers I have bonded with on the internet to be my village and help me cry it out through the downs and cheer for me during the ups. I love what I do, obsessively passionate some would say. If you want to talk, service dogs, therapy dogs, bettering your program, genetics nerd stuff, need a whelper helper or have any training questions feel free to message me and just be ready for a long conversation because its just too fun to talk about. 

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