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AKC Standard Poodle


Epic is an AKC Standard Poodle

CGC - CGCA - CGCU Titled

Service Dog Medical Alert/Task

Brown Phantom Tuxedo Parti

57lbs 26"

Ee kyky atat bb II spsp

9/10 Intense Intensity

FF- No Weak Furnishings

Embark DNA Clear

Penhhip .30 & .32

OFA Heart/Eyes/Patella/Thyroid NORMAL

Medical Alert/Task Service Dog. Epic is my calming sidekick. He is there to alert me to hormone changes in my body that lead to black outs. His large stature braces me from falling and keeps me safe. He is well behaved and happy to work and be by my side. His temperament is out of this world. He loves all humans and animals right away, low prey drive and even as a well proven stud he is sweet to other unaltered males. Epic is home grown, trained and produced here at The Curl Squad. I am so proud of him and his puppies he produces. He has produced multiple working Service Dogs.


$1500 - Doodles

$2000 or 2nd POL - AKC Poodles

Pups Produced by Epic

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