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Curl Squad Mamas are trained, tested & loved.

They also have class, brains & a whole lot of heart.

They are incredible Moms, hard workers, fun adventure buddies & well behaved sweetie pies.

** Please note, we do not post photos or links to our dogs health testing online, other than Embark DNA link, due to scammers stealing them and photoshopping personal info to meet their needs. If you would like to see any of our dogs health testing reports feel free to email us and I will gladly send results to approved individuals. **

photo jun 21 2023, 8 38 14 pm (3).png
photo jun 21 2023, 8 38 14 pm (1).png
photo jun 21 2023, 8 38 14 pm.png
photo jun 21 2023, 8 38 15 pm (3).png
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