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Service Dog Donation Program

**Only those living in UT or AZ are currently eligible for our Service Dog Donation Program.**

The expense to purchase, train and maintain a Service or Facility dog can be quite overwhelming. We strive to donate a Curl Squad Pup from every litter we produce to an individual or organization in need. We breed specifically for temperament traits that will benefit the individual or organization with a need & the dogs future trainer. These traits include a tender heart, motivation to learn, confidence in new situations, low to mild energy with an easy off switch, high touch tolerance and an incredible human focus & affability. 

Today canines can assist their owners in so many ways! Some of those include mobility assistance, diabetic alert, allergy detection, fainting or seizure alert & response, hearing or vision assist and so much more! They have most recently been used heavily in Psychiatric Support to those with PTSD, Autism, Anxiety or Depression by interrupting self harm behaviors, applying deep pressure therapy,  and giving those with these disabilities the confidence to live their lives & reduce isolation knowing they have a well trained best friend by their side to help them should the need arise. 

*Please Read*

A Service Dog is defined as "a dog that is individually trained to do work or perform tasks for an individual with a disability." Please make sure you have done the research and know the difference between a Service Dog, Therapy Dog, Facility Dog & an Emotional Support Animal. We are currently only donating pups for Service and Facility Dog purposes. 


Could you or someone you love benefit from our Service Dog Donation Program?
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Curl Squad Service or Facility Dog Donation Application

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