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F1b IrishSetterDoodle


Ember is an F1b IrishSetterDoodle

CGC  Titled

Intense Red Abstract (SiS) Wavy

ee Bb SS (SiS)  

10/10 Intensity

FF +/-

Embark DNA Clear

OFA Heart, Eyes, Patella, Thyroid NORMAL

Pennhip .26 & .30

Ember has been perfect from the beginning. Produced, raised and trained here at the Curl Squad, we knew Ember was special from the first weeks of her life. She is focused, calm, mature & snuggly. Her coat is doodle perfection and everything about her is Therapy Dog perfection. She wants to calmly and lovingly say hi to everyone she sees and is an incredible emotional support to her Guardian Family. She is a natural mother to others pups and has so many nurturing qualities. She has a very low prey drive, great food motivation and and incredible mature demeanor in public just like her Mama Rory. 

Pups Produced by Ember

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