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English Setter


Dottie is an English Setter

CGC  Titled

Brown Phantom Parti with Heavy Ticking

Ee bb kyky atat spsp 

7/10 Intensity

Embark DNA Clear

OFA Elbows, Heart & BAER Hearing NORMAL

Pennhip .34 &.39

CAT + (No clinical signs of thyroid disease, testing yearly)

Dottie is a gem. As typical for most Setters she is extremely friendly and affable to humans and other dogs. Her soft eyes melt every stranger she meets the moment she lays her head in their lap asking for pets. Setters are very similar to the Standard Poodle in energy level and Dottie is the same. Happy to go on an all day lake/hike adventure or just lay by the fire place and snuggle, whatever her humans want. She is athletic and can run for a dozen miles with a smile on her face loving life. She loves the water and the snow. She is playful and sweet to other puppies and is very aware of small children and babies and is calm around them. Dottie brings SO MUCH joy to her Guardian Family. She is low/medium prey drive (not very birdy) and low/medium food drive for training. She is motivated by praise and physical touch from humans. Multiple pups of Dottie's have gone on to be training/working Service Dogs.

Pups Produced by Dottie

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